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    The Maple Ridge Group is an Award-Winning residential construction firm performing work in Albemarle County and the broader region of Central Virginia. In meeting the specific needs of our clients, we build new homes, farms, barns and key dependencies and we renovate, expand and rebuild these as well. We are fortunate to work with discerning clients who value and rely on the expertise of our people and our firm to provide advice, to lead, to create lasting pleasure and over the long run to resolve issues and care for our total body of work. We can manage against constraints and bring solutions to challenges. Our projects are well-run and we gracefully communicate in a timely manner.

    Our own perspective is that living in a beautiful home can bring tremendous positive energy to one’s life. We are driven to deliver very high-level client care. Our efforts are to ensure a balance among quality, craft and the long-term function of the home to meet the goals of the client’s design team. With a thorough understanding of your needs and a devotion to your interest, we commit to provide professional advice and to shoulder the day-to-day decisions needed to bring your project to a successful conclusion. It is a privilege to do great work for our special clientele.